Celebrated this year on March 31st from 12noon to 5pm at Sixth Baptist Church, Black Marriage Day RVA started in 2007 in continued support of healthy Black marriages, families and communities.  

Black married couples make more money, our kids do better in school, and marriage rescues families from poverty, children are less likely to go to jail, or become teen parents and get divorced.  In 1960, 61 percent of African Americans were married; today the rate hovers at a dismal 31 percent. When families do better communities do better. It’s time for change!

Why Black Marriage Day?

Black Marriage Day is for singles, dating couples, married couples, teens and youth from the African-American community. There will be workshops relating to each specific group and the concerns of that group.

Join us MARCH 31, 2018.

12 noon to 5pm 

Sixth Baptist Church

400 South Addison Street

Richmond, VA 23220

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